CTIT (Centre for Telematics and Information Technology) of the University of Twente in the Netherlands is one of the largest academic ICT research institutes in Europe. Over 475 researchers actively participate in the research programme. Integration of technology-based research and its application in specific domains is a clear focus of CTIT.

Its unique multi-disciplinary approach makes the institute an attractive partner. The institute maintains an extensive international network of contacts and working relations with academia and industry. This network includes ICT and manufacturing companies, universities and research institutes, health care organisations, financial institutes, governmental organisations, and logistics service providers.

CTIT is one of the founding fathers of the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT (3TU.NIRICT); this institute bundles the ICT research and innovation activities of the three Universities of Technology in the Netherlands. 3TU.NIRICT is core-member of EIT.ICT Labs. Aim of EIT.ICT Labs is to become a pan-European flagship uniting Education, Research and Innovation for the Future Information and Communication Society.

Latest news

PhD Student of the Day: Meet Maartje de Graaf.....

Acceptance of and relationship building with social robots in domestic environments

The main goal of this research project is to get insight in: (1) how people gradually accept or reject social robots in home environments; (2) how they built relationships with these robots; and (3) what ethical issues occur when social robots enter our homes. ... read more

HTSM Call 2012 has been opened

Then first call for the HTSM Topsector 2012 has been opened. Please find more information on the STW website. ... read more

FMT in the news: ExploRail project ArRangeer

FMT in the news: the ExploRail project ArRangeer (Marielle Stoelinga / Joost-Pieter Katoen) has caught attention at Nu.nl (information in Dutch).

Source: nu.nl (14-6-2012) ... read more

Marieke Huisman in EU Campaign "Science: it's a girl thing".

The EU started the campaign: "Science: it's a girl thing" to interest girls at the age of 12-18 for science. Marieke Huisman (FMT), who was awarded with an ERC grant last year, plays a role in it.

Source: EU Campaign "Science: it's a girl thing". ... read more