news items
  • Euroby 2008: June 16-22, Zuerich / Linz [15-06-2008]
  • The MI20-team played in two Mirosot Middle League competitions: 5 against 5 on a normal play ground and 5 against 5 on an extended play ground. As the strategy software hasn't been changed, the aim was participating rather than winning. The team could only beat the Moscow Pioneers, so it reaches the one but last ranking. The competitions have nevertheless been fruitful for testing the system with the new Philips Luca camera, detecting the weaknesses of the strategy and staying in business.

  • MI20 obtained the 2nd place at the European Cup 2007 in Kosice [19-05-2007]
  • The award ceremony with team members Mannes Poel and Roelof Heddema.

  • MI20 participated in the 10th European Championship in Slovakia [17-05-2007]
  • The EC2007 was is held at the university of Kosice, May 17-20th. See the photo album for an impression.

  • 11th FIRA World Cup 30.6-3.7.2006, Dortmund [12-07-2006]
  • The MI20 team played two matches in the MiroSot Middle League 5 vs 5 in the Group E.
    Hitech (Korea) - MI20: 4 - 0
    Socrates (Singapore) - MI20: 16 - 0
    Becoming 3rd and last in this extremely strong group did exclude MI20 from entering the quarter finals.